Accounting Department

Accounting is an information system that provides the data required by investors, creditors, and managers of companies and governmental agencies for making better decisions about the economic issues. With the purpose of preparing the future managers and accountants of the organizations and companies, the Accounting Department of the University of Bojnord reaches for training the professionals who are able to collect, classify, record and summarize the data, and prepare financial reports in accordance with predefined criteria of companies and organizations. In fact, accountants can provide companies with the ideas required for the provision and optimal investment of the necessary resources and play an important role in economic decision-makings. The graduated students in Accounting can take the responsibility of financial affairs at different levels and branches and also work as accountants in the public or private institutions and business units.

The University of Bojnord offers Accounting courses for undergraduate students under the tuition of 4 faculty members for the moment.


 Zahra Farhadi   

 Assistant Professor