Psychology Department

Psychology is the study of the behaviors and mind processes of living creatures, especially human, based on scientific methods. In fact, this field deals with the topics of behavior and mental processes including emotion, perception, personality, thinking, intelligence, memory, excitement and motivation. Psychology is an applied field which is pertinent to all aspects of human life. One of the goals pursued by University of Bojnord's Department of Psychology is to familiarize students with various theories on the study of behavior and mental processes. Students in this field would learn how to apply their knowledge in the real situations and when examining behaviors and mental processes. At the end of the course, they ought to be able to distinguish between normal and abnormal behaviors and help people to identify and correct these behaviors, if they occur. The graduated students in the field of psychology can work in the psychological clinics, schools, kindergartens and related organizations such as Social Welfare Organization.


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Roghaye Asadi Gandomani    

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