Economics Department

The main goal of Economics is optimization. The purpose is to configure how much of our resources are spent and how to get the most out of it. As this definition implies, Economics is particularly applicable in the world of today with the biggest conflicts over resources such as water, oil, energy, land, and so on. Therefore, the main job market in Economics is the resource-related market, particularly financial and energy resources.

Economics gives its graduates an active and selective mindset which enables them to have a good understanding of economic issue. An economist must always keep his economic information and knowledge up-to-date as the economic issues of all societies are changing day by day.

Knowing what strategy to take in each issue or what knowledge is required to solve it, is another essential skill for an economist.

Students of Economics will be able to conduct related researches and contribute to the successful management of organizations through professional analysis of managerial issues.

The University of Bojnord offers Economics courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students under the tuition of 9 faculty members for the moment.


Azim Nazari  

 Assistant Professor