APA Center

The specialized APA Center of the University of Bojnord was established at the beginning of July 2016 and inaugurated by the Minister of Communication and Information Technology under the supervision of Dr. Mehran Garmeh, a faculty member at the University of Bojnord. With the close cooperation of the university and the IT Organization, the laboratory was rapidly equipped and its technical body was formed by students, faculty, alumni and other professional individuals.

The University of Bojnord APA Center works exclusively in the areas of making awareness, support and aid for cyber security incidents. Since the beginning of the winter, the Center has specially focused on national researches in the field of ransomware attacks and confronting methods. in the recent ransomware attacks, these researches have gained national prominence and made the Center nationally recognized.

among the most important missions followed by APA are:

• Studying and providing tools required to identify and analyze ransomware;

• evaluating computer networks of organizations;

• conducting computer networks permeability test;

• helping with computer and network incidents;  

• alerting organizations in the field of cyber security.


The actions taken by the APA Center in the area of information provision can be categorized as the following:

• enhancing managers' attitudes and widening the managerial perspectives;

• providing information and promoting the public knowledge about the security of information exchange space;

• Improving the knowledge and technical capability of IT specialists.


For more information you can take a look at APA website.