Residence Life Experience

Residence life seems to be a great opportunity for personal growth, team works, and making friends. This is a chance to socialize and meet new people, achieve academic potentials, try new things, and test your independence.

The University of Bojnord offers both on and off campus accommodations in a safe residence environment. The Dormitories have 24-hour security to help ensure the safety of our residents and students. By living in residence, you are close to classes, friends and recreational facilities and have easy access to the library. Your meals are prepared for you. Free internet is included. since the off-campus dormitories are located at the center of city, students accommodated off-campus have access to facilities provided to the public as well. The university also offers shuttle bus services to all students. Accommodation assistants are here to help and can connect students with other people on campus.

 Dormitories provided for non-local students are as follows:












Dr. Omid





Efaf 1

Efaf 2


What's already in your room:

  • Bed and mattress
  • Desk and chair
  • Closet/wardrobe
  • Carpet
  • Fridge
  • Drawer
  • Mirror
  • Waste / recycling basket
  • Window with curtains
  • Air-conditioner

Dormitories are also equipped with kitchens, bathrooms, phone-lines, cleaning instruments and ironing device.

Student Dining

The student meal plan is prepared at the dining office of UB, to fulfill the nutritional needs of students at breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals. This office is in charge of ongoing supervision on contracting companies and staff working in the dining halls. You can have your meals at either the Central Dining Hall or the complementary dining hall, namely Zaitoon Restaurant.

Meal reservation process begins when you log into the dining system to reserve meals and recharge your ID card to continue reserving.

Reservation deadline expires 48 hours prior to the considered day.

Socio-Cultural Mission of UB

Considering the importance of culture and science in parallel, the University of Bojnord opts for increasing students' participation and competitiveness in social activities and spreading the creative culture across the university. Among the numerous cultural activities led by the UB are:
  • holding free-thinking seats;
  • holding conferences, workshops, exhibitions and donation ceremonies;
  • organizing various cultural, national and international events;
  • organizing special reception and graduation ceremonies;
  • organizing cultural and scientific competitions;
  • holding scientific visits to industries in the province;
  • holding recreational and cultural camps;
  • participating in national and international festivals;
  • playing movies and holding criticism sessions;
  • organizing social centers, academic associations, and student publications.