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Internationalization of Higher Education, as one primary goal set by Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, has also been a means to improve the quality of education. To make the most of the opportunities for communication and cooperation with universities and scientists of other countries, the International Scientific Cooperation Office of the University of Bojnord, is ambitiously trying to fulfill its responsibilities as follows:


  1. Carrying out the necessary measures for the participation of faculty members in the internal and international congresses, with the cooperation of the relevant units;
  2. Planning and managing the affairs of conferences and seminars;
  3. Carrying out affairs related to inviting scientific figures inside and outside the country with the cooperation of the relevant units;
  4. Establishing relations with higher education institutions and research centers inside and outside of the country in order to collect the required scientific and research information and also to organize mutual cooperation in various fields of research and technology;
  5. Translating letters, publications and scientific materials in Persian and foreign languages ​​required by the university and its affiliated research institutes;
  6. Arranging the programs of seminars, congresses, symposia and international scientific and research conferences in cooperation with other units;
  7. Carrying out the necessary studies in order to attract the cooperation of Iranian scientific personalities living abroad;
  8. Providing conditions for foreign students in cooperation with educational department of the university;
  9. Collaborating on communication between the associations and faculty members of the university with international scientific associations and foreign scientists in cooperation with other relevant units of the university and the International Scientific Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology;
  10. Preparing memorandums of scientific cooperation with universities and research institutes abroad and membership in international scientific forums;
  11. Coordinating matters related to foreign professors and students at the university.

Director of International Affairs Office



Zahra Ameri, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor at Department of Law


Contact Information:

President's Office, Administrative Building.

Tel: 0583 220 1013