Information and Communication Technology Center

The Information and Communication Technology Center. University of Bojnord, is working to help with the process of knowledge development and accelerate the fulfillment of education, research, service and administration affairs.

The Center provides all services in the areas of hardware, software and networking, including consulting, purchasing, equipping, designing, programming, implementing, installing, commissioning, upgrading, maintaining and supporting systems.

The Center is also responsible for designing, developing and maintaining a campus-wide information network and providing a variety of Internet services to students and staff.

Among the prominent actions taken by the Center is creating a university intranet network utilizing modern fiber-optic technology and fast cable communications and fostering multiple satellite and telecommunication channels with the World Wide Web.

Software Developing, Hardware Supporting, Web Developing, Content Documentation and Network and Telecommunication Supporting sectors constitute the IT Center of UB. These sectors are in charge of various tasks which are mentioned below to name a few:  

- maintenance of all university computer systems;

- determining and verifying hardware features required by different sections;

- providing hardware certificate for all computer equipment;

- improving and upgrading the university website;

- supporting and maintaining VOIP system and Email service;

- recording system documentation;

- repairing the production and network equipment;

- maintaining spare parts of production equipment.