Central Library and Information Center



The library is a cultural treasure trove of information and human knowledge collections. In every organization and institution, especially the research and academic centers, the library stands at the heart of that organization.

The Central Library and Information Center at the University of Bojnord works under the supervision of the Vice-Chancellor for Education and Research, which began to be existed with about 1000 books on four fields of industrial engineering, computer, urban planning and architecture in 2005, coinciding with the establishment of the university.

When you register with the University you have to fill the application form to become a member of the library.

You can reserve, check the return dates for your items or extend the loan of a book via Simorgh System.

After searching and reserving an item, the lending desk at the Library will then prepare your document for you to collect – you must collect documents within 2 working days of ordering them. When collecting the documents, you will need to show your ID card (library card).



Library Sectors

In order to organize the services, The Central library of UB is divided into sectors with specific responsibilities. Publication, Theses, Reference, Audio-Visual and Lending sectors constitute different parts of the library.



Study Room

The Library also provides a study space within a silent and comfortable environment. There are 210 reader spaces and traditional study desks. You have access to WIFI throughout the Library.