The Smoke-Free University Plan

Social problems, drug abuse, crime, dropping out of school, and other overt and covert problems are among the social harms that require fundamental resolutions, especially at prominent positions such as university.

University, as a place with the major duty of educating and training professional and future-making forces, is one of the most important positions that can prevent the impact of social harms on young people. Therefore, the Counseling and Health Center of the Student Affairs Organization of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, in line with thousands of universities around the world, has compiled a practical guide for implementing the Program of Smoke-Free University in the form of Badi' Plan and the Program of Prohibiting Drug Abuse in the form of Payam Plan.

The Counseling and Health Center of the University of Bojnord, taking advantage of a well-equipped place and a high-powered team of consultants, assistants, psychologists and psychiatrists, is proud to have been making every effort to protect its most valuable assets, namely all students, professors and staff.

Holding the meetings of Planning Committee, launching and implementing the policy of Smoke-Free University, doing motivational interviews, holding workshops on preventing drug abuse and addiction, conducting the series of Life Skills Improvement and Lifestyle Modification Trainings, and the activities of the Health Assistants and Prevention of Social Harms centers, are among the actions carried out in this area.