Law Department 

All of the social relations from which legal works are created are the subjects of the Science of Law. These relations can be between the government and people or may involve the private relations of people. The Science of Law is also concerned with the issues of sociology, philosophy as well as psychology. The main goal of this field is training qualified and efficient specialists who can work in the areas such as judgment, attorney and notary. The graduated students in this field can follow the path of success with high powers of inferring and reasoning, venture, creativity and most importantly good power of speech. The Law Department of the University of Bojnord has started its activity in 2015 to pursue the following goals:

- Participating in issuing the knowledge of law,

- Training professional lawyers based on recent methods, resources and research findings,

- Conducting applied-science researches on the legal issues needed by the society,

- Developing cultural and scientific relationships with other academic law departments around the world and the country, and benefiting from their scientific research findings and experiences,

- Establishing the center of legal researches in the northeast of Iran.

The University of Bojnord offers Law courses for undergraduate students under the tuition of 3 faculty members for the moment.



Zahra Ameri

Assistant Professor