Management Department

Management is a process that involves planning, commanding, directing, monitoring the efforts of organization members and using resources to achieve organizational goals.

Management students must be creative and have good decision-making ability. Leadership, confidence, excellent social interaction skills, analytical skills and fostered expression skills, are among the abilities required for Management students in all scopes.

Today, Management is including various sciences such as Economics, Sociology, Psychology, Mathematics, Statistics, and etc., aiming to increase organizational productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

The purpose of this field of study is to familiarize students with the basic responsibilities of business organizations. It also aims at improving students' abilities to understand management-based issues, teaching them how to collect, analyze and evaluate the information relevant to each of these issues and helping them make sufficient decisions.

The University of Bojnord offers Management courses for undergraduate students under the tuition of 4 faculty members for the moment.


 Zahra Nikkhah farkhani 

 Assistant Professor