Persian Language and Literature Department 

Persian Language and Literature is one of the most noble courses of Humanities in universities of Iran. This field of study has a long history of teaching in Iran and today it is taught in almost all Iranian universities and some of the universities around the world. Persian Language courses are mostly based on the Classical Persian Literature and the analysis of literary works, but it also includes subjects such as writing, grammar, fluency, research methodology, stylistics, and figures of speech. By providing this study field in the undergraduate program, University of Bojnord's Persian Language & Literature Department aims to familiarize students with various aspects of Persian language and literature and encourage them to become critical thinkers of literature.

The graduated students in this field of study, with their own efforts alongside learning the university courses, can take on various responsibilities in the cultural and administrative parts of the society.

If you are really eager to hear its poems and read its texts, then pull up your socks!


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 Persian Language & Literature 





Omid Vahdani far

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