Physical Education & Sport Science Department

Physical Education and Sport Science is an exciting and energy-intensive field of study that has its own fans. it has an interdisciplinary nature and employs various disciplines such as Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, Physics, Chemistry and Psychology to strengthen and train the human body and psyche.

Physical Education and Sport Science students study theoretical and practical courses to acquire various skills in different fields of sport which are also applicable in the workplace. Physical Education is important in education as well as personal and social health area.

The field of study plays a fairly significant role in the rehabilitation and physical and mental well-being of individuals in the community. Therefore, educating dedicated and specialized human resources in this field seems to be quite essential.

The University of Bojnord offers Physical Education and Sport Science courses for undergraduate and postgraduate students under the tuition of 12 faculty members for the moment.



Mohammad Shabani 

 Associate Professor